The Power of Switching Position!

Have you ever felt excited about making a leap into something you’ve always dreamt of, and feel stuck at the same time? Perhaps this is where you are right now.

Your head might be spinning with questions:

  • Where do I begin?

  • Is it too soon?

  • When will I be ready?

  • What if I fail?

If your new adventure is something you’ve never done before, doubts can sneak in.

How do you know if you’ll be successful?

Embrace these questions as part of your journey. We all have them and it will give

you the feedback you’re looking for.

A powerful technique you can use now is “switching” with a person you admire.

Someone who has made a successful jump in the past.

In your mind, switch places and pretend for a moment that you are that role model.

How does it feel to be him/her? How do you look like? What advise would you (this role model) give to yourself? Stay there for a moment and you will notice that you'll receive

the answers you're looking for.

Switch back and see how this can help you move forward.

If there are any other obstacles, “switch” places with someone else who has these particular qualities. The answers will come to you.

Jumping into a new challenge can be scary. Know that you are amazing for choosing YOU

and believe that you have all the answers and strength inside of you.

Remember.. there is no failure, only feedback.

Enjoy the journey!

Good vibes