The Power of Music

Can listening to music help you to perform better? Absolutely!

Remember listening to the radio and suddenly there it was. They were playing that song, your song.

Memories start to flash through your mind. It reminds you of that vacation, dancing with

someone special or that powerful event you once attended.

Your mood changes instantly. You start feeling happy, energetic and ready to take on anything.

When an anchor has been created, you set up a stimulus response pattern so that you

can feel the way you want to, when you need to. Regardless of where you are or what

time it is, whenever you hear these tunes, it will bring out the best in you.

I’d like to challenge you to the following:

Next time you feel anxious about a presentation, meeting, public speaking, or any other performance you wish you could postpone, start playing your song. Close your eyes, go back in time, see, feel and relive that moment. Notice how it shifts

your mindset, your energy and excitement level. You might even start smiling from the inside. Use this momentum to be your best self and take on that challenge.

I personally use it when I start making excuses before a workout. It takes me less than

30 seconds to take action when I hear my favorite beats.

I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Have a vibrant week!!

Good vibes