The Meta Mirror: 4 simple steps to improve relationships and to create a better understanding

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that kept your mind occupied? You were playing the scene over and over again? Perhaps you didn’t fully understand the other person’s reaction or point of view.

Sometimes we’re stuck in our own thinking and vision. The following steps can help you detach from and release these thoughts.

Go back to an earlier conversation you had with a friend, family member or co-worker you’d like to explore further.

1 - Start in the 1st position, yourself. Recall how you felt, what you said and use the same body posture and language. Remember what you were wearing. What message did you want to bring across?

Take a deep breath.

2 - Continue in the 2nd position, the other person. Be that person, what was s/he thinking and feeling. What was s/he saying, use the same facial expression.

Take a deep breath.

3 - Now move to the 3rd position, look at the 1st and 2nd person. You’re observing both and hear what they’re saying, notice the body language they’re using and how they interact with each other.

Take a deep breath.

4 - Finally put yourself in the 4th position and look down from far above. You don’t only see this conversation but also what’s going on in the next room, city, and country. Do you feel detached from the original scene? Did it put you in a impartial state of mind? This exercise can help you understand the other person’s position better and at the same time be less judgemental towards yourself.

Have fun exploring!

Good vibes