What if you could change past experiences..

You actually can! There are a few ways to do this.


Think about a moment in the past when everything went perfectly well. You felt great, looked happy and were totally in the zone. Close your eyes and feel those feelings, you can make the picture a bit brighter, perhaps you remember seeing certain colors or experience a nice smell. Take your time, and be in that moment. Often it will even put a smile on your face.


Now, you can do the same with a negative experience and change it in a positive way.

Here is how:

Go back in time and think about a moment that made you feel nervous, insecure, doubting yourself..

For example, if your last presentation in front of a large group didn’t go so well, look at it again but from the eye of an observer. Close your eyes. You will see and here all the information, but don’t feel the emotional impact.

You know more now than you knew back then, this will help you to perceive more things about this past experience. Change the way you look and picture yourself being confident. Look around you, people in the audience are listening and focussed.

Open your eyes..

You can use this technique to reflect on your past experiences and alter your new ones.

Embrace new challenges, it will only make you stronger!

Good vibes