Today is Golden Globe Day and guess who’s the winner?

It’s YOU!!!

Are you ready to create your own movie in 4 simple steps and become your biggest fan?

Ok, here is how we start:

1 - In your mind, watch a movie of a very successful you in five to ten years from now. Remember, success for some means being a millionaire, for others simply doing what they love to do.

2 - How do you look like, sound like, feel like.

3 - Move into your future self and fully engage with all that you see, feel, hear and smell

4 - Now slowly come back to the present moment

Practice this exercise a few times today and you’ll notice it will become easier to connect.

You can also choose to create a vision board with images that relate to the new successful you.

Knowing how it feels like to be a “winner” will motivate you even more to reach your goals. You’ll be able to make conscious decisions, stay on track and more importantly take control over your own destiny in life.

Enjoy your Golden Globe buzz and hold on to the winner inside you, because you truly are the best!

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Good vibes