DON'T think about a Giant Green Spider!

Did you see it..?

We tend to express ourselves in a negative way.

  • Don’t do this

  • I hope it’s not going to rain today

  • I pray I won’t fail my test

The unconscious mind usually filters out the no’s and the don’ts.

Your challenge for today: say/think everything in a positive way, how you’d like things to happen.

  • Can you please … (express the desired outcome)

  • I hope the sun will come out today

  • I know I will pass my exam

The same happens when you use the word but or however.

  • We had a great time in India but the food was too spicy.

Everything before “but” is deleted from the unconscious mind. You can use a full stop or the word “and” instead.

You’ll notice a shift in what you encounter today. Remember.. what you send into the universe will come right back at you, so why not send out something positive.

We wish you an abundance of positive thoughts!

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Good vibes